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Membership Application Below
We have a lot of projects planned for 2020 and for years beyond at the Museums and we can use your support. Not a member? Please consider becoming one and helping us to Keep East Windsor History Alive!
Dues are only $10 for individuals, $15 for families. As a member you will receive our informative newsletters with updates on our ongoing expansion projects, new museum acquisitions, and interesting historical tidbits. You will receive advanced notice of upcoming events, and exhibits as well as volunteer and exhibition opportunities and notice of our meetings, on the first Saturday of every month, 11:00 a.m. at the Osborn House. Your opinions, suggestions, and votes count. Membership also comes with a 10% discount to our gift shop as well as a discount on paid events. We also have sponsorship opportunities for businesses.
Is one of your goals to give back to your community? We can help you achieve that goal in a fun, social and productive way. Join us on Tuesday mornings and we will find a spot for your talents and expertise. Busy on Tuesdays, we need volunteers on Saturday mornings and at special events. Just ask and we will find a time that works.
Print and complete the form below to join!
QUESTIONS? Contact Nancy Masters at
(860) 289-5085 or 
Museums on the Green
Membership Application
___ Individual ($10) ___ Family ($15) ____ I would like to make a donation
(Make checks payable to East Windsor Historical Society)
City: _____________________________State: ______ Zip: ___________
Phone #: _________________________________________________
E-Mail: ___________________________________________________
Mail to:
East Windsor Historical Society
115 Scantic Road
East Windsor, CT 06088

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