Broad Brook Barber Shop Museum

Ertel/Geissler Barber Shop

A barber shop museum is housed in the former Ertel/Geissler Barber Shop, moved to the site in 1967 from the center of Broad Brook.  A native of Saxony, Maximilin Ertel came to the USA in 1881, took over the Bernard Carey Barbershop; he moved to this new Main Street Shop before 1890.  In 1919, he sold the business to Rudolph C. Geissler, who also served as a local judge.  Mr. Geissler ran the business for over 40 years.

The museum has Geissler’s original barber chair, Ertel’s license, and several items from both shops.  The descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Ertel have generously assisted with the restoration of the building.



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