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Welcome to our main museum campus.
We are open Saturdays 9 am to noon or by appointment.

Great news, the museum will reopen beginning June 5th on Saturday’s 9 am to noon for visitors. We will be following state and local guidelines. We have been working on displays and maintenance during the shut down. One ongoing project is to create an online presence of our museum, and while we have a long ways to go before we finish, there is the beginning of our effort available on line now. You can see the beginning of it by following this link. https://ctcollections.org/index.php/Browse/objects/facet/source_facet/id/1762/view/images/key/e7ea7a9363bf62768d1a37a4a0c78efa

You can also access it by typing:

https://ctcollections.org/ and select browse then select institutions and select East Windsor

We would like to thank our patrons for their support and if anyone would like to donate you may go to https://paypal.me/ewhistory

or send a check payable to East Windsor Historical Society and mail it to

The East Windsor Historical Society
115 Scantic Road,
East Windsor, CT., 06088

Downloadable Membership Formhttps://eastwindsorhistory.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/motg-fillable-membership-application-1.pdf


If you would like to use our patio for an outdoor socially distanced meeting please download and fill out the facilities use form at this link:

Or you may copy the link below:


Email the form to: